Alla tiders lärare: Lärarna vi minns - finns din lärare med?

Flicka 40 år gammal söker mötesrums

Lund, Persson, C. This study evaluated the preventative effect of ColdZyme Abstract Evaluation of ColdZyme Mouth cold infections in personnel at elderly care facilities, and assessed on common Received: October 4, Spray against Common Cold in Preschool The common cold is onesick of the most frequently Accepted: December 13, the level of reduction in corresponding leave. The number encountered of sick-leave infectious disStaff. Open Journal of Respiratory Diseases, eases indecreased humans and, the modest severity most cases; it presents a Published: December 16, days for the personnel fromdespite an average of 5. Fifteen preschool staff members were evaluated over a 6-month period 1 Zymetech, Reykjavik, Iceland and ColdZyme® was used according to instructions.


Förnyelse Österbotten Här samlar vi lärarhistorierna av Österbotten i alfabetisk ordning. Birgitta Abbor, Kronoby högstadium och gymnasium, Kronoby Ett motivering: Birgitta utlyste entusiasm, kunskap samt kärlek för sitt ämne, biologi. Hon såg oss elever och ville alstra kontakt med oss. Hon är ett rollmodell åt mig.

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